On Customers
Customers are our #1 priority; you invest a lot of time, money and faith in us. We will strive to ensure that we do not waste your time and money nor break that faith and trust in us. Customers are the key to our future; by building long lasting relationships and helping you reach your goals, we will be able to reach our future goals. Linxus Communications does not exist without customers; care and respect is extended to each and every one. The Customer is the reason why we are here.

On Employees
Caring for employees is the most important key to a successful business. Employees that are taken care of and are happy with where they work are more likely to perform better. A happy, better performing employee makes a happy, satisfied customer. We make major investments and take great efforts to ensure our employees have all their needs taken care of so they can focus on our customers’ needs.

On the Community
We believe that the community and the people in it have a great affect on individuals, whether good or bad. We have been blessed with the opportunity to give back to the community in the hopes that it will make a difference in the lives of those in it, therefore provide 10% of our earnings to charities annually, and require ask our employees to volunteer one day a quarter. Some of the charities and non-profits we’ve been lucky enough to work with are the Licking County Aging Program, The Y.E.S. Clubhouse, Alzheimer’s Association, Lupus Foundation of America and the Junior League of Columbus.

As a single individual or company we may not be able to help everyone or cure every disease but together as a community we may be able to impact those that have touched us the most. You never know what affect your generosity will have. We will continue to give each year, helping more people, helping more programs, funding more research, and praying for the best to come from it.