Supplying Customers with Quality Communications Infrastructure And Unmatched Customer Service

Linxus is a cabling installation company dedicated to providing the highest quality commercial installs using copper and fiber optics for voice, data security, audio and sound masking.

BBB Torch Awards for Ethics

2014 Recipient


Saving Your Company Downtime

Faulty cables, poor quality physical connections, crushed or bent cables, loosely mounted wall jacks or patch panels, improper labels, wires incapable of supporting network speeds all cause down time. Our installers are trained on how to avoid these types of installation and can remedy them for you.


Partnerships You Benefit From

Through our experience in the industry and partnerships we can fill the gaps in your telecommunication needs. We’ve established relationships with companies that go hand in hand with our services, such as carrier services management, telephone systems and wireless LAN. We’re happy to refer these companies and will work alongside them to make your experience even better.


Check out these short “how-to” videos for some beginning basics involved with cable installation


How To Solder a 3.5mm, ⅛”, or
Mini Headphone Connector

How To Terminate a RJ-45 A Color Code

How To Terminate a RJ-45 B Color Code